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This 49 minute documentary is a glimpse into the spectacular world of giant strangler fig trees and the people who climb them!

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Climbing Giants, Official Selection in Banff Mountain Film Festival

About The Project

Climbing Giants is the culmination of two years spent climbing giant fig trees, trying not to drop expensive lenses a hundred feet above the ground, and dangling in harnesses with our legs falling asleep. We couldn’t have asked for a cooler project to present itself to us, and we feel incredibly lucky to be the ones to share the story.

We launched an initial version of the film in December of 2019 and premiered it to a live audience in Manchester Vermont. We received so much positive feedback and were motivated to return to Costa Rica and build upon what we had already captured. Now we are sharing this improved version of Climbing Giants to the world!

Directors: Noah Kane and Jaidon Lalor

The story doesn’t end here; we are seeking professional mentorship to navigate the distribution process. Our end goal is to find a home for the film on a big streaming platform, reach a global audience, and spark large-scale conversation about our relationship with the natural world.


If you're able to help us, we would love to get in touch.

Noah in position to film
Noah in position to film

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Jaidon filming in the canopy
Jaidon filming in the canopy

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Rio Talari
Rio Talari

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Noah in position to film
Noah in position to film

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More Comments:

Excellent job.

-David Alvarez Brenes

Wonderful film. Great job on this.   Got my heart racing a bit, too.


Awesome video guys. Cheers!


The film was so incredible. It made me feel so many emotions like no other film has, maybe it’s because it’s I have a connection to all of it idk. But anyways it was so insanely well done with such good music and insane shots, made me want to show this film to all the people I know. It’s really cool that you guys do this and really inspiring I can’t wait to see what you guys do next. I got so much respect for both of you. Truly something special.


Wow. What an incredible story. This stunning film brings so much beauty and light onto such a unique style of climbing. Such a cool way to interact with nature; I’m hooked and want to come fall in love with the trees!

-Griffin Mims

Thanks for this film - so much plain wisdom and joy. This grief of being separate from the natural world, I loved hearing that named. As Nalini said, we are not separate, trees in hearts. I feel like this awakening is happening in me and all around me, and I appreciated the vitality of everyone in the film to trust this reciprocity and move from it.

-Marnie Cobbs

In short, an excellent job, the emotions that this documentary manages to cause is great, in my personal opinion documentaries like these are worthy of admiration, congratulations to the entire cinematographic team and to the climbers.


Inspiring and moving ode to the natural world.


An epic film that captures the excitement and zeitgeist for Tree Climbers World Wide!!


Grace Gabrielson climbing a giant strangler fig tree in the Climbing Giants Movie
Rafi Vargas, Climbing Giants
Rafi and Izzy, Climbing Giants
Cameron Williams, Climbing Giants Documentary
Nalini Nadkarni, Climbing Giants Documentary
Grace Gabrielson, Climbing Giants Documentary
Grace Gabrielson, Climbing Giants Movie Documentary